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The Sea to Sky Corridor is undergoing a whole lot of construction, development and harvesting. Watch this page for the latest news on lost trails, new trails, trail changes, closed roads and detours. Don't Get Stuck!


The SORCA website has an excellent 'Trail Updates' section where riders post trail comments after a ride. You can get the latest goods on snow, logging, closures and more.


Squamish Trail Pass. An initiative by SORCA to help put money directly back into our trails. The SORCA Trail Pass is an attempt to generate some grass-roots funding so we can hire local trail builders to maintain and build trails. The SORCA Trail Pass is $15. ALL the funds will go into trail work. For more information, please visit the Trail Pass page. Click Here

Yes folks, the time has come for Twitter and Trails to meet - you're carrying and iPhone (of course) and want to tweet some kind of trail alert - do it! Send us your Twitter address so other riders can follow youl. We'll list them here for now:

twitter.com/squamishtrails (Squamish Trail Society)
twitter.com/squamishMTB (us)
twitter.com/testofmetal (Test of Metal)

Squamish Dude Productions Presents

Some great Squamish XC Videos!

The Mystery Trail
Brand new singletrack trail in Squamish

Meet Your Maker


Angry Midget

Cheshire Cat

Squamish XC Course Maps

There's no better way to get to know the Squamish trails than to follow one of our mtb race courses.

The classic, Test of Metal, is about a 5-6 hour recreational ride but can be done in two parts - first half is about 2.5 hours, second half give yourself 3-4 hours. Click here for a map

The GearJammer will cover some of the Test trails (Plunge and Crumpit Woods) but takes you through many different areas as well (Powersmart, Recycle, 7 Stitches). First half can end on Garibaldi Park Road (bottom of Flat Alley) an easy out or Second half can start in the same place - there's a convenient parking lot at that spot. Click here for a map

For those days when you only have an hour or so to ride, you can try the Ore Crusher course. The Ore Crusher is a lap race, each lap being approximately 6-7 kilometers long. Personally, I love this course for evening trail runs. The entire race is held in the Cheekeye Fan (known to locals as the Dump Trails). Click here for map

JABR is the 'new kid' - it comprises many trails from Test and from gearJammer and it adds its own into the mix - Half Nelson, Word of Mouth, Credit Line. JABR circles through some of the same areas more than once so can easily be adapted for a shorter ride. Click here for map.

Temporary Trail Closures

none at this time

Permanently Closed Trails

Blow Out Your Candles - Permanently closed to avoid conflict with BC
Parks (over two thirds of the trail was in Garibaldi Provincial Park).

Recently Opened

Grin 'n Holler (lower) - from Skookum is open

Plastic Shiesser - Use new entrance: Galactic Shiesser.

Half Nelson TrailheadThe Half Nelson pump track is now open.

As of April 24, the new $50,000 downhill trail, which empties out at the FSR junction on Garibaldi Park Road just above the exit from Cam and Phil's, is officially open. Click Image at left for enlargement. Trailhead is above Pseudotsuga by Recycle.
Photo Credit: k. servinski

From Bike Squamish, the facebook page by Dwayne Kress. The first BC Government funded trail in Squamish was officially opened last Sunday and was attended by our MLA: Hon. Joan McIntyre for a bicycle tire tube-cutting ceremony to mark the opening of the trail. At the entrance of the 3.4 kilometre downhill trail is a beautiful new $7,000 shelter paid for by MOTCA (Ministry of Tourism Culture and Arts). Enjoy the trail if you have not ridden it already and make an effort to come to Squamish if you have not ridden it yet. You will also notice, while ridding through the Squamish Trail-Network, that there is a bunch of new trail signage. Read More Here

Wonderland Fabulous - after a rumoured $5,000 investment from SORCA on the Wonderland Trail, mountainbikers are very happy with the results. Lots of low bridging reminds me of the original Don't Tell Jude - if you are looking for an opportunity to practice your wood-riding, Wonderland is the place to go. Especially on a nice cold day when all the mud is frozen!

SORCA has posted their Trail Days schedule. Spend time in the woods and give back to your trail system. Goto: www.sorca.ca

From SDBA: Hello, as most of you are aware, the SDBA has received permission to develop new & upgrade existing trails, in the "Lava Flow" area (Ring Creek Rip and "Hood in the Woods" and vicinity), utilizing funds from BCORMA & the NTC. Crews are currently onsite, and will continue to be throughout the winter if weather conditions permit. Access for these crews is being utilized from the Diamond Head Road, via the "Darwin's Crossing". Please be advised to watch for crews working and travelling by motorcycle throughout this area. Please circulate this information, along with suggestions to avoid the area for the next 5 months if possible, thank you, Ed Alder, SDBA.

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Cool YouTube video of Sea to Sky Trail


Plastic Sheisse (shy-sa)

Hello Readers. I've recently been advised to not print trailhead location of the new trails and I would like to apologize for this breach of trail etiquette. Here's a great letter from Wes that explains things:

Hi Jude, I just read your post regarding Plastic Sheiser and I will have to ask you to please remove the detailed directions to the trail. Being that the trail is built for all levels of riders and is really fun, it is expected to get a high amount of traffic. But to post directions to the trail will only increase traffic beyond what the volunteer work force can handle, and if the trail deteriorates too quickly, the experience new riders will have on it will eventually be negative. 

Thanks for trying to hype up mountain biking in Squamish, it is rad here, but please exercise better trail etiquette by removing the access directions to thus new trail. Perhaps in the future it will be on a map, but for now please leave it for people to get a word of mouth description rather than blow the gates wide open for the throngs. With some mystique surrounding the location, it will surely attract more people to Squamish to ride other similar trails, and hopefully thus one won't get too badly wrecked. 

Thanks for your consideration. 

And for the record, please click here to see who I am - sometimes it's easier to write to someone with complaints when one knows who is at the other end.

Please note: In future all trails discussed on this page will be 1) found on a map or 2) discussed without details of trailhead.

Alice keeps building on her network

The trail crew from Wonderland have continued to build on their Cat Lake to Depot Road loop. I've shamelessly snagged screen shots from the District of Squamish's Adopt a Trail website and sketched in the new additions and changes.

For the main Cheshire Cat trail, you can now access it directly from the Cat lake Road, with no need to ride up and through the parking lot. (see yellow circle on Cheshire Cat map). Once you exit onto Hwy 99, you can ride down the road on the same side and watch on your left for entry into Cheshire Kittens 1 and 2. Once familiar with these little trails, you might want to ride them on the way up as well.

Again you'll exit on the hwy and cross a bridge. Ride the road to the end of the concrete divider, then do a 180 and follow a little trail that veers right just under the bridge. There's an arrow in place to guide you. This is the 'new' White Rabbit - probably not as long as my sketch on the map, but I don't own a GPS. It's a great little trail, green circle, fun for beginners, kids, and super as a connector to between Cheshire Cat and Wonderland.

Cheshire Cat Map | White Rabbit Map

Ted Tempany shares his favourite trails with the world. P'Nuts Wild Ride, Wormhole, Gary's Braid, Hoods in the Woods Click here for story in Mountain Life Mag

News from the Test of Metal Trail Crew : May 28, 2009 - We cleared the Rip of all the blow-down and danger trees today. Also, the new re-route of The Fartherside is complete, and adds ~200m of singletrack to the trail. And The Corners / Ray's Cafe / Rollercoaster ride is in excellent shape but note information about the Mashiter Bridge (see below).

Mashiter Bridge Open - As of Three o’clock today (May 31) the Mashiter Creek Pipeline bridge has been completely rebuilt and is OPEN. I would like to thank Peter Mortensen of Rona and Katy, Ken, Dave and Cliff for all of your time effort to this vital community linkage. Thanks again and enjoy.
Todd Pope Trails Coordinator District of Squamish

Hoods in the Woods - I love this trail! Closest I've found in Squamish to a ride down Whistler Mtn. Bad news is, it's hell to get there. Ride the Powerhouse Plunge until you get to the logging road that intersects. Then turn RIGHT. Follow the obvious single track through rock and more rock - you'll be riding about 15-20 minutes so don't give up (and don't leave it too late in the evening). The new trail starts at the end of this, and although there's a bit of Credit Line type of climbing at the top part, most will be down down down. At the bottom you can turn left and head into Valleycliffe, or turn right a short way and find Poop Chute which takes you down to Carpenter Son's Bridge.

Word of Mouth - At last week's SORCA toonie riders were treated to a tour of the new Word of Mouth trail. To reach the trailhead, from Quest University ride up the Garibaldi Park Road, turn left where you would turn to go up to the SORCA shack, but take the first left after that. Now ride for approximately 4k on that road (similar terrain to 9-mile hill). immediately to the left of the 4K marker you'll find the entrance. Its a rolling loamy trail with some steeps and a few bridges - one of note is about 6 feet high, two feet across, and features a rolling dip. Approximate recreational riding time from Quest University 1.5 hours. Level: blue square to black diamond. You'll eventually come to the top of a rock bluff and onto a dirto road which loops back to Quest University starting point.

TRAIL REPORT MARCH 29 :: OK now this is a big PSSST. Have you visited Another Roadside Attraction lately? You're in for a big surprise and a real treat. If you visit on Wednesday or Sunday, you'll also meet Ted, the tireless worker (and 2008 SORCA Golden Hoe recipient) and builder. Ted and team have created a pump track right off ARA. He calls it Another Another Roadside Attraction. Get up there - and be amazed. One word of caution for the pump track - no knobby tires. We were also advised that Another Man's Gold is being brought back to life by a crew (sorry, can't remember who, wasn't carrying my clip board at the time but was actually on my bike!!!) who are making it nice a flowy.

Connector Trail Between the Squirrel and Eagle Run - the highway now has a large cement divider. Still ok for bikes, but will be difficult for trailers. District of Squamish promises an overpass in March. Send an email to Bryan Raiser District of Squamish council member and mountain bike advocate if you want to know why that overpass has not begun. Today, saw crowds of people crossing, hauling their bikes over that cement thing.

Trail Erosion Alert

The www.canadiancyclist.com is the source for an article of interest on early season mountain biking and trail erosion. It is similar to what is happening in Squamish with the frozen trails' sub-layer and thawed top layer. This condition speeds up the trail damage being done by early season riding. Click here for more



GEORGES CROSSING - Hooray - the bridge joining Skookum with the Pseudo Ptsuda and Recycle trails has been replaced by an awesome official bridge. Acknowledged that this would not have happen without the generous support from the following organizations

CORSA Cycles
BC Bike Race
Epic Truss
Pacific West Building Supplies
CMCC Contracting - (Chris McCrum and his crew)

Kudos to all of you for bringing this together.

A reminder however even though the bridge is reopen this is still an active logging area please ride with caution and give way to the trucks.

TRESTLE TRAIL - Hello Everyone I am sorry to inform you that the log bridge on the Trestle Trail had to be cut down as it was unsafe. We are working at trying to have the bridge rebuilt. I will keep you inform of our progress. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Todd Pope Trails Coordinator District of Squamish (604) 815 4962 www.squamish.ca



Now you can adopt your favourite trail, keep it clean, and have all the resources of the DOS to help keep it in good shape. The District of Squamish launched their new adoptatrail.ca website this week. Take a look!

SORCA maintains the trails

Consider getting out and helping to spruce up our awesome trail network. Both XC and Downhill Trail Days are planned. Bring: Hiking boots or work boots, grubby clothes, work gloves, lunch, water, raingear and a hat if needed. Expect: A minimum of 3 hours gets your name in the volley box, but the hardcore keep digging 5 or more hours. It’s fun and very rewarding! www.sorca.ca

At the recent SORCA AGM concerns were expressed regarding the Lost Loop and Really Lost Loop trails in Crumpit Woods. Please stay off these trails as they lead into an active blasting area on Bob Fast’s (Cardinal Concrete, Coast Aggregate) property.

Dirt Bikes and ATVs - Todd Pope has asked anyone that comes accross Dirtbikes or ATV's using cycling/hiking trails to report the occurence to him. A location, time, date, and perhaps a brief description of any damage done to trails and of any interactions would be appreciated. We are having some issues with Dirtbikes damaging the new Farside trail, the Powerhouse Plunge, Ray Peters Trail, and others. You can reach him at tpope@squamish.ca

Rigs and Zen / Crouching Squirrel : Official maintenance guru for this trail is Steve Klassen of Brackendale's Bean Around the World. To report issues or help with trail work contact Steve at beanbrackendale@telus.net.

70% of Squamish Mountain Bike Trails are on their way out
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